Zim Ugochukwu

Generation Y Change-Maker: Zim Ugochukwu

How Did We Meet? Zim Ugochukwu first moved onto my radar in the summer of 2009 when I mentioned that I would be attending the Campus Progress National Student Conference (CPNC) on Twitter. Almost immediately I received a tweet from @IgniteGSO saying they would be there, too, and that I should check out their project. [...]

Creative way to find a job

Is This All I'm Qualified For?

I’m under qualified for a job as a front desk receptionist, but I seem to be just the right person for a job in home based sales. Ever received an email like the following from CareerBuilder and wondered, “Is this all I’m qualified for?”  Good day,  This is about your profile. New vacancy opening as you indicated. We [...]

Word of Mouth Marketing

Building A Sustainable Business – Leap Day #GenYChat Topic Featuring @CathyWebSavvyPR

 Questions Q1. Is passion enough to create a sustainable business model? What other pieces need to be in place? Q2. What are the key components of a unique selling proposition? Q3. What advice has helped you keep a (or your client’s) “pipeline” full of customers? Q4. How can we balance benefiting society while maintaining/driving profit? [...]

graduate moving home boomerang

Generation Y: Welcome Back Home?

The following is a guest post by Cristin McGrath.   I’ve always been proud of my independence and ambition.  I never thought I’d consider moving back home.  My senior year of high school was the last time I lived with my parents for more than a few days.  As of August I’m back for a return [...]

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