#GenYChat Topic: 8/8/12 Strengths and Weaknesses – Can You Be Too Proud or Too Humble?

"Where your talents and the needs of the world cross lies your calling." ~ Aristotle

  Questions Q1. (It’s a surprise!) #GenYChat Q2. What should a person come in knowing, what’s acceptable to learn on the job?  #GenYChat Q3. If you don’t get recognized for what you’re good at, how do you know you’re good at it? #GenYChat Q4.On Undercover Boss the CEO’s are often unskilled at the frontline jobs. […]

Leadership and Opportunism in the Social Media Age

Lead Yourself

What Would a Leader Do? A word related to your business is trending on Twitter. You have two choices: employ a tactic you’ve already developed for cases such as this, or insert your business, opportunistically, into the Trending Topic. What would a leader do?   Your capability as a leader is a measure of your […]