Zim Ugochukwu

Generation Y Change-Maker: Zim Ugochukwu

How Did We Meet? Zim Ugochukwu first moved onto my radar in the summer of 2009 when I mentioned that I would be attending the Campus Progress National Student Conference (CPNC) on Twitter. Almost immediately I received a tweet from @IgniteGSO saying they would be there, too, and that I should check out their project. [...]

Today is the first day of the rest of your life

Starting An Internship? Offer Some Advice To Your Fellow Gen-Y’ers

Many Generation Y folks are starting internships on June 1. Conduct a search on Twitter for the keyword “internship”, and you will see just how many people are stating just that. Have any advice for what to do on the first day? Please leave a comment below. My advice: 1. Arrive at least 10 minutes [...]

#GenYChat 6/15/11: @CoachJennie Discusses Living Audaciously

“Who would have thought the kids would start taking over so soon? Or that they would even want to? They were supposed to be slackers, cynics, drifters. But don’t be fooled by their famous pose of repose. Lately, more and more of them are prowling tirelessly for the better deal, hunting down opportunities that will [...]

He said they were just friends, but deep down I knew better.

He said they were just friends, but deep down I knew better. Sometimes, years later, I wonder why I wasn’t good enough. Even as I type those words, though, I realize I need to be more than just good enough. It hurts. I hurt. My skin hurts. My hands are heavy. My face is streaked [...]

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